Charleston dress


Once in a while you have special occasions that require a little more dressing up than just Linden´s and jeans. Wedding season has begun around here and oh the drama too. I had nothing to wear but most importantly, nothing to sew. I couldn´t find the patterns I had appropriate for formal wear and I wasn´t feeling what was on the market too. And then, stars alignement (I get that a lot, ha!), angels choir singing and along comes Adrianna announcing this vavavoom one week before the wedding, should I thank my lucky stars or what?
The Charleston is not just a dress, it´s a curvylicious thing you´ll wrap around your body and feel like a million bucks. Princess seams from top to bottom, front and behind, and a sexy negative ease at all the right places.

The pattern is designed for knits but this is a stretch woven (around 20%); it´s kind of a twill on the right side but I used the wrong one as main as it appeared to have a little sheer. I was planning to use a ponte with a lace overlay, but the lace didn´t have enough stretch to work.
Though this was my tester version, I made a couple of changes: the back is supposed to have an exposed zipper all the way down the back, which I replaced with a shorter invisible one. And once I wasn´t needing that skirt center back seam, I cut it on fold instead of two pieces. I also finished the neckline with a facing instead of binding: I just cut out directly on the pattern´s front and back at the width I wanted the facing to be, interfaced, stitched and understitched. The ends are enclosed, sandwiching the zipper with the main fabric.
For the hems, since I didn´t want any stitches at sight and I´m still not keen on my machine´s invisible foot and stitch, I used fusible hemtape. I also added a bit of that to the facing to keep it in place.

Because this was a tester´s version and a more fitted dress than what I usually do, I didn´t grade any seams in case I needed to let them out in some places. I ended up grading in the side seams of the skirt from the hips downwards about an inch, for a more fitted and pencil skirt look.
It´s really comfortable and was worth almost freezing to death. Naa, I had a little RTW jacket too, not very warm but looked good. I also stud up those heels all day in the name of poshness, so that´s why you now have to look at my ugly wall trim, ha! A few accessories composed the look

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  1. This is stunning! No other words than absolute fabulousness and I'm jealous hehhehe 😆

  2. Beautiful! And very convincing :) -- I immediately went and bought that pattern. Thanks for the discount code!

  3. Can't help but LOL about your shoes. We all have ones we love and like to show off. Love the dress too!

  4. You look gorgeous with that dress! Well, eve more gorgeous ;-) and those shoes... <3

  5. Chapeau. Great looking LBD and your shoes are amazing!!