Silvia Coatigan


This was oficially my first make of the year and has been a faithful companion thru the cold days we had. I finished it about 3 weeks ago and have been wearing it since. Well, not all day everyday but you get the picture.
The Silvia coatigan is a pattern by Schnittchen and it´s translated into english so no googling around needed. The instructions are a little scarce if you´ve never done a coat before, specially when adding the lining. I still need visual reference for this part in particular but decided to improvise based on what I knew already.

The main fabric is a taupe boiled wool blend that is already pilling but I kind of like it. It was cheap enough for a first go with the pattern (around 7€ for 2,4m) but it´s also suprisingly warm. It pressed beautifully, but I think I´m guilty of overpressing, still need to find some balance. The lining is an acetate taffeta that I already had in my stash.

As always I was worried about sizing since I´m always below chart, but I did want it to have the baggy look, so my only alteration was shortening the sleeves by 4cm. It´s amazing how a little alteration goes a long way. If I had tried this coat on a RTW brand I know the sleeves would have been to long and that alone would make it look like the coat was wearing me instead. Just by shortening them to the wrist line I still have the oversized look but the general fit is visually so much better. I also removed the centre back seam.
I didn´t add closure because it would interfere with the end of the shawl collar and alter the way it lays. I also noticed very little ease at the hips, despite the fact that I barely have them, but still I sensed a little push when trying to close it.
I love the dropped shoulders and the built in pockets. The shawl collar is also one of the design features that atracted me, it´s interfaced to give it some structure but still very easy to construct.

The sweater is a mash between the Bento Tee and the Union St. Tee. I just used the Bento´s main pieces, without the pockets, for the slouchy look, and the Union v neckline, and also added the waisband because the double needle hem made it really wavy. It´s a super comfy wool knit with some golden threads. The jeans are the Kendall skinnies that I´m not showing just yet because they´ll soon be released by Baste and Gather and bound to be a hit. Yep, I just make it and wear it.
So, quick and satisfying make if you´re looking for a stylish coat design, with great hacking potential. I see a more traditional look if you shorten it a bit, forget those pockets and make your front pieces whole and then add some rounded patch pockets or welts. Oh yes, I´m dreaming about it already.

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  1. Ah, I don't even know where to begin, this is so so so good!!! And I can't believe the WHOLE outfit is handmade. Amazing!!! I don't see any over-pressing in the photos...maybe in real life but from here it looks like the most perfect pressing ever!! Exactly how it is suppose to look! I seriously love this coat so much!!!

  2. Great job!! Love how it looks on you and you are totally right, just a subtle change can make all the difference ;-)

  3. Absolute perfection as usual! That coat is so good! I want to fill this with heart eye emojis! Heheh and I'm so jealous of that sweater... Gahhh I want it!! ;)

  4. Just beautiful! I love the soft colors - both the shell and the lining.

  5. Make it and wear it girl. Your sewing is amazing! You definitely know what fabrics to go for and what looks compliment you well. I love the way this coatigan looks on you. Piling... oh well :)

  6. Mega kit! Adoro tudo! Fica-te lindamente... A camisola e top! :-)

  7. Just Gorgeous!
    and cozy...

  8. Looks so good!Fits your really well, perfect oversized look without it beign too baggy. Love it!

  9. Okay, I'm dying over here. Just dying over how amazing this coat is!!!! I won't even start on how perfect the sweater is, too. Because it IS perfect.