Brooklin Tour: Bedford Dress


Can I just kick off by saying how thrilled and honoured I am to be a part of this line up? And so proud to be sharing this today with my dear friend Sara and her beautiful Henry dress.

I eyed the Bedford since Erin made it for Stylo and it was love at first sight. Really, that back got my heart. I must have missed the tester call for this so, as I did for the Willow & Co tour, I messaged her to see if she was in need of another crazy portuguese sewist. And again, her response to this was having me in this wonderful tour, proudly presenting my version of the Bedford. Seriously, sewing people are the best.
Because of those dangerous curves at the back, I knew I had to use a crisp, steady fabric, so I picked up my precious hoarded flamingo linen.
And as you know, we are always learning something. The method she uses for adding the facing is so smart but requires your most steady hand and a high precision level. Don´t be intimidated, it all depends on a precise prep work on your pieces and the results do pay off for all the burnt marks.

For my second version, I had a special fabric saved for a special upcoming project, but as I was playing with the pattern pieces on top of it I realised I had just the right amount and it would give the dress that little je ne sais quoi. I´m talking obviously about the mother of all fabrics, the god among humans, the fabulous and one of a kind Nani Iro. This double gauze Sen Ritsu in blue was the most generous offer from Paula who runs Maçãs de Amor (Love Apples), a portuguese based online store which carries all of our precioussss Nani Iro, Kokka, Amy Butler, and will have some novelties soon: Cotton and Steel, Art Gallery knits and Atelier Brunette. Yes, you can stop drooling now. She had the most beautiful family shop which she closed recently and now provides us these beauties online only. So, sewing people, can I ask you to show her some love? ;)
In this version, I fully lined the facing to the front and back pieces, which required my cursing level to rise up. Ha, really, those straps are so tiny and delicate, but I had to try it. And yes, I could have fitted it a little more, but I really wanted room to grow on these.

This little girl endured the hotest photoshoot, so I can't blame her for not being in the mood. We compensated with some great wave jumping at the beach later. <3 She loves the dresses though and can easily dress them herself with just a little help for the zipper.
I am truly in love with this design and have already planned a few cool tops for the rest of Summer. You will be blown away with all the versions on this tour:

Monday, July 6: Sanae Ishida and S is for Sewing
Tuesday, July 7: Dobbins Bobbins and As it Seams
Wednesday, July 8: Made by Sara and In a Manner of Sewing
Thursday, July 9: Sewing with Kate and Mom of Marlee
Friday, July 10: Edith and Eloise and DoGuincho
Saturday, July 11: My Sweet Sunshine Studio and Brooklyn Pattern Co.

And there is a coupon code, woohoo! Get 20% on any pattern in the shop with the code: SUMMERFUN15. The code runs from 12:01 am on July 6 through 11:59 pm on July 15.

4 comentários

  1. That Nani Iro goes so well with the dress! As they say "no pain, no gain" and I'd say you gained a lot!

  2. Adoro as duas versoes! A tua filha e mesmo FOFA! 😘

  3. O molde é mesmo espetacular e as tuas versões são o máximo, mas acho que gosto mais do primeiro, com os flamingos. Sei lá, acho que gosto de flamingos. hehe

  4. Dois vestidos lindos! Ela também é, claro! 😉😘