Fishtail Kimono


I´m pretty sure it´s easy to believe that mostly all patterns are already out there and it would be hard to feel suprised when something new comes along. True, there´s a lot to choose from, but I also believe there´s a strong small core of pattern designers supporting one another and growing together. This way of working and having a business in this branch is truly inspiring and evolves to a strong sewing community, where everyone works towards the same goal: having perfect patterns that teach you sewing techniques by far, ending obviously with a great piece of clothing.
Gabriella, from Chalk and Notch, is an emerging pattern designer who has released her first pattern, the Fishtail Kimono. A kimono, nothing new here you might say. Wrong.

Everyone can draw a couple of rectangles and turn it into such a thing with two seams, but this is much more than that. I´m very appreciative about pattern pieces and the way they´re designed, and here you´ve got a multifunctional pattern for either knits or wovens, which I think works wonderfully because of that beautiful shoulder seam that drapes down the arm. Then there´s the little gathering on the lower back panel and the high-low hem, details that make the difference from the free rectangles tutorials you can find all over the internet. The neckline is finished with a neckband which you might not see clearly in the pictures because I matched the print like.a.boss, sorry for bragging.

Then, to add to all that, you make such a thing and put it on your daughter, the apple of your eyes, and get a little carried away with the photoshoot and finish it focusing on your beautiful growing little girl that just makes you feel overwhelmed and grateful. Yes, I´m one of those emotional mums that will probably embarass my kids on all those special public occasions of their lifes.
I have a 2nd version ready for something special! For now you can and should grab it on sale on UpCraft Club until the 10th November, but it´ll be available afterwards on Chalk and Notch. This and much more I´m sure.

6 comentários

  1. Linda, essa menina de olhar tão doce. Nesta última foto está particularmente parecida contigo. Love this kimono and brag away my friend, you deserve to! ;-)

  2. Oh boy that girl is so adorable! <3 Love your version, your a "master matcher" :) It's Perfect!

  3. A perfeiçao!!!! Esta imepcavel! A miudo é mesmo fofa... apetece encher de beijos!

  4. LIKE!!!! aos pacotes!!!!

  5. Esta miúda é o máximo! Gira todos os dias! O kimono também é lindo. Mal posso esperar pela outra versão.

  6. I can't stop admiring your perfect matching skills. I love this kimono so much. And your daughter...well, she is just too cute for words!!