London Sew Social


It´s impossible to talk about this event without refering the moment of excitement when I got the invitation. I was picking my girl from kindergarden and just scrooled thru my mail real quick to find one from Annika; I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn´t crazy. When I realised it was indeed what I was thinking about a big teenage-OH-MY-GOD came out of my mouth right in the middle of the street, then pretty much that was all I was able to say for the rest of the day. I just said to my husband "I´m going to London with my sewing friends", there was no "oh, let´s check if it´s possible" or "hmm, it´s a tricky month" hell no, I was going even if the world was ending bahaha!

It was actually so wonderful to meet everyone in person. The truth is since we spend so much time online chatting and following up with what we all sew, it really is like we already know each other. It was also my first time in London so I was trying to absorb as much as I could. I was one day early there and got to spend it with Marta and Liesl and seriously, Marta is just the best guide! Then we got a really fun night of partying at Olu´s: haha, not really, we were just so tired we left the party for the next days (thanks for having me in your house Olu! And for that wonderful breakfast full of cheese hehe ;) ) The day after we met up with the rest of the group and for the rest of the weekend I think we pretty much did half London by foot, ha! We also got to meet wonderful Rachel from House of Pinheiro and our dear Maria João from Fairies, Bubbles Co met us too for what would be known as my disgrace at Liberty of London, ha!

Now, about the fabric shopping and such: comparatively with what I usually buy and can afford, it´s quite expensive, but that didn´t stop me from doing some splurdges. Also we had incredible and generous sponsors that send us all sorts of goodies for an amazing goodie bag. I don´t even know where to start!

There are some more group pictures at the girls blogs and around IG if you search for #londonsewsocial. All these incredible ladies I got the privilege to meet:

Annika - Naeh Connection, Gioia – Dotta, Trine – Groovy Baby and Mama, Marta – Do Guincho, Maria – My Cozy Co, Victoria – As it Seams, Laura – Titchy Threads, Maartje – Huisje Boompje Boefjes, Olu – Needle and Ted, Toya – Made by Toya, Eva – by Eva Maria, Inês – La Folie|sewing booth, Liesl – Oliver + S, An – Straightgrain

 Stay tuned for all the sewing that´s gonna follow which is probably gonna take us two years to finish haha... and some suprises ;)

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  1. I must tell you that i am loving your blog. It feels really modern and contemporary as compared to other blogs i have visited. Love it.