Amanda Shirt: Schnittchen Sewing Around the World


It's the strangest thing to be writing here again after all this time, specially after having had such a full last year in terms of sewing. I haven't committed to any sewing, but this post was long due.

Schnittchen Blog

I've been a fan of Schnittchen patterns ever since I tried their coatigan Silvia here and here and the Coco jacket as well. Yes, I'm a coat addict and these have ticked all the right boxes for me.
This time I was asked to be a part of their Sewing Around the World tour (thank you!) and I just couldn't decline.

The Amanda Shirt is a sleeveless top with two rows of flounces on each side, flounces here being the key word to get you hooked: they're everywhere and impossible to resist. I used only one of the volants because being petite I was worried it might look like I was drowning in frills, but now I kind of regret because they're actually quite subtle.

I used this fabric that The Sweet Mercerie was kind enough to provide me (thank you!) and it's the softest viscose; sews like water without running away or losing shape.
The blouse is finished with bias tape on the armholes and facings around the neckline, with a keyhole opening in the back.
Gaaah, I had almost forgotten about the joys of photographing black fabric.

Check out the Schnittchen Blog and follow around on IG under #satw to check all the monthly posts of some very talented ladies all around the world!
Thank you Nadja and Silke for having me!

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  1. What a delight to see your lovely face pop up in my email once again. Yayyyy!! And you haven't forgotten your impeccable sewing skills. More to come I hope :-)

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