KZJO Round Up


Whenever I decide to slow it down, do some indulgence sewing, analyse my wardrobe to see what´s missing, something I just can´t look away comes up. I recall back to August when I started testing again for Kaysie from KZJO Studio and it´s not finished yet because she´s getting ready to launch more patterns.
There´s a small core group of testers there and I think we pushed ourselves to the max this time: we tried Kaysie´s patterns to the limit and went above and beyond to make them the best we could. Not that they weren´t great to start with; some were a hit at round one, others took a little more work to perfect the fit. That´s just how it is. It has been an enormous privilege to work with her and the learning never ends: from sleeve to neckline adjustments, I think we covered it all. So, without further ado, I´ll present:

Cosette is a true labour of love shirt, but that neckline is just perfect, with a facing and the understitching it deserves, set in sleeves with the company of a gazillion pins obviously, and the bias cut panels on the side that are cleverly thought to a) be a cool design feature and b) adjust to your body. In the end, hemming is just so dull you´ll skip it like I did here. I´ll get to it one day.

The Evangeline is a midi lenght dress with a faux wrap around look. The front panels are overlapped and the fit is just close and tight enough to make it comfortable to wear. The bell sleeves are the extra detail.


The Rosaline was the pattern of the month for September, (which I failed miserably to present in time, sorry again Kaysie!) but it´s here now. I made the dress version with the scoop neckline and a 3/4 sleeve, but this is one of those multi options pattern that are wonderful to play with. I used a plain suiting knit, close to a thick Ponte, and added one of my vintage lace necklines that had the perfect cut for it.

What caught my eye for KZJO´s patterns, beside the designs I love, is that she drafts for a C cup (yes, that´s me, God made me skinny with boobs, go figure) so I can rely on using the smallest size without having to worry about bust adjustments.
Kaysie works at the speed of light and there´s some good things coming up! <3

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  1. Estás tão linda minha querida amiga e esse último vestido é fabuloso, acho que te fica a matar! <3 Estás a construir um guarda-roupa maravilhoso.:-)

  2. Adoro o último vestido!!! Tão elegante! Ficou lindo :-)

  3. Great blog facelift! <3 That last dress is beautiful and you look stunning! The lace makes it absolute perfection.

  4. Adoro o top com o decote recto e o último vestido... divinal! A renda ficou perfeita! (adoro o novo look do blog!)

  5. Estão óptimos! Gosto especialmente do top e deste último vestido.

  6. O vestido branco é divinal!... Muito bom gosto, com aquela renda a dar-lhe um toque super chique. Lindo! E a nova imagem do blog está magnífica!!

  7. Amo o novo look do blog! O vestido branco fica-te lindo!