We (heart) Sara



And who´s all of us, you may ask? Your crazy portuguese sewing friends, of course! Who adore you and want to celebrate this day with you, even if only virtually.

When did I discover Sara´s blog, Made by Sara?
Well, I can´t really point a time, but it was somewhere around two years ago while browsing through the internet. It caught my eye that she was portuguese and I randomly peeked her blog from time to time. I remember this project made me start visiting on a regular basis.
As I started sewing more seriously, we started interacting more through Facebook and Instagram and found out we are sewing soulmates, though I will never be able to hand sew like she does. She is a total sewing geek and we do love her for that. If we´ve got a technical doubt, she´s the one to go to!

What do I love best about her blog?
As I´m particularly interested in women sewing, I love to see the projects she makes for herself. I love these culottes and this self drafted tunic. We share a love for all the drapey fabrics, from rayon challis to satin or silk, and I only wish we would live closer to talk about more sewing ideas and go fabric shopping together! The day we spent at Porto was awesome!

And a special message for Sara on this special day:
My gift to you, my friend, is this amazing portuguese double gauze and double faced! Haha, let me explain: Sara asked me if I could buy her a bit since it was sold out at her local shop and guess what I said? "Ooooh Sara, soooo sorry, it´s sold out here as well!" It´s actually not and they have it by the bolt, but I couldn´t resist the perfect opportunity to add this to her suprise.


Happy Birthday dear Sara!

3 comentários

  1. essa foi muito boa Andreia!!! =D

  2. Dupla surpresa... Boa! Gostei muito de ler!

  3. Aposto que a Sara vai gostar. Como sabias? ;-)