Rumi pullover


I am wriiiiting!! In DA blog waahoo! After Summer months lazyness, when I thought I would still have some time to juggle work and pleasure, my plans got all mixed up. I didn´t think I would be so caught up on school agenda, but in the most positive way; going back to work really lifted my spirit and I´m back at a phrenetic rithm thinking and planning for my "adopted" kids for the year.
Still, I miss sewing at the level I was doing it oh so much, but for now I can only commit to smaller projects like testings I can´t say no to and others that I have time to plan and sew little by little.
Califaye Collection has my heart from day one and I can´t resist Sarah´s sense of style; I always know her patterns will fit me like a glove and turn to staples on my wardrobe.

The Rumi pullover is just an easy going pattern, one of those perfect for the 15 minute soul cleansing I allow myself everyday, ha! I used a very light and open wool knit, which is not the best recommendation for the pattern, but I made it work with a couple of changes; I added the neckband and skipped the side vents. Also I made it a little smaller by removing 1 inch on fold on both front and back pieces, and shortened it by 2 inches. You know the drill with me, my 5´2" and petite stature always require a bit of sizing down.

It has just gone to my TNT pile and I´ll definitely try it with a heavier wool knit and longer sleeves. You can drive back to Califaye´s blog to check the awesome tester versions and how the pattern looks with other knits (so different but so good!).
The Rumi pullover is on sale with the coupon code NEWRELEASE for 30% off your entire purchase! Sale ends Saturday, October 15, 11:59pm EST.

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  1. Fabulous top. It looks fantastic on you, but then again, everything does!! I love it!

  2. I love the cut of this on you and the fabric looks so luxurious.

  3. I love the cut of this on you and the fabric looks so luxurious.

  4. Great! What matters is what you prefer to wear or are happy wearing it. Personally, if Im wearing greys, I would wear a pretty coloured lipstick with it and make my hair too.

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