Sara´s Secret Sewists: Welcome baby!


Welcome baby #4! Good thing he´s out already, otherwise Sara might get into labor with this little suprise, ha!
So Sara from Made by Sara just had her baby number #4 and it´s the cutest little baby boy. Congratulations my dear, and all the best to you and your family. Obviously, we can´t pass on a good opportunity to sew, so some of her sewing blogger friends joined for a little sewing baby shower.
A few years ago, I used to do these ponchos / capes for kids and sell them on FB. But back then I was also working and I just couldn´t keep up with maintaining a business, even if at a small scale. Also, the wool I found was very very good but only a limited quantity was available, so I ran out of resources within a few months. Ah, ain´t I a good business woman, ha! Those days are long gone and I don´t think I would ever do it again (just too much pressure and stress), but I thought about how I loved seing my kids in theirs and how practical and easy it is to dress a baby.

The pattern is self drafted from back then, quite an easy semi circular shape with the hood, and I made this version for a 1 year old. I´m guessing, depending on the baby, that it can fit from around 9 months to around 1 1/2, 2 years if lucky. The wool is thick and quite warm and it´s fully lined in cotton twill.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, but during the good light hours I haven´t been able to shoot anything. Hope you like it, Sara!
Here´s the link to the rest of the party!

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