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Since I´ve been invited by Diana to take part in this blog hop, I´ve been mentally singing Daft Punk´s song.

What am I working on?
God. Where do I start? I´m all over the place. I´m doing some pattern testing for kids/women. I´m trying to build my kids wardrobe and my own for summer. I´m reading a lot about pattern alterations and grading for kids and trying to make my first very simple and basic pattern/tutorial, let´s see how it goes. I normally do 3 or 4 different sewing projects at once: when I finish a hard part at one of them, I stop and pick one of the others and so on. This helps me stay focused, oddly enough.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
It doesn´t, I copy everything I like. Well, I´m influenced by RTW brands, both on colour trends and models. I try to make it myself instead of buying it. Try to keep it simple and basic, but I always fall for coloured prints. I really get out of my confort zone when sewing, I wouldn´t buy many of the items I make based on the fabric I use, I would simply stick to basics for wardrobe matching purposes, so that´s a big plus for me.

Why do I create what I do?
Well, it started as a challenge I made myself about two years ago and also out of need. Kids grow up very fast and it was getting hard to keep up with an updated fitted closet for them. Also, I realised some of the things I was buying for them were too expensive regarding price/quality. For myself, it was purely out of fitting issues; being petite sized it was becoming a struggle to find sized clothes, especially when fashion dictates boxy and large. I was feeling like a potato bag with all my rtw clothes. It´s incredible what sewing can do for your self esteem; once you free yourself from labels and size tags psichological power, you´ll be able to embrace your body size as is, enjoy it and dress it up with maximum confidence.

How does my creative process work?
This is so random. Usually starts with something I´ve seen somewhere and keep a mental image of it, and normally it´s small details, like a cute ribbon, or a ruffle, or nice fabric coordenation (I have a photographic memory). Then, a few days or weeks later, I either find a pattern or a fabric that reminds me of what I´ve seen. I usually follow the pattern instructions by the book, but I´m gaining more confidence to express creativity by doing some small hacks to some parts of it.

So now let´s jump to Japan since I´m asking Emi Shimokawa to join in (don´t worry if you don´t have a blog, do it on IG or start a blog, you should my dear ;) ) and danish Mie Brindle from Sewing Like Mad. Tour us around your mad skills please!

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  1. Thanks for inviting me, Andreia! I did it!! -->

    1. Ohh yeahh Emi! So glad you did it, the sewing world needs to see your creations! <3