KZJO Studio: Charlotte


Looks like Summer has finally arrived and with it comes the inevitable speeding down and cooling up. The first one is rather difficult with a couple of toddlers to whom I forgot to add a pause button while they were on the making. My bad. The second one is easier, just find some water and dive in. Not the duck pond, please. Have you realised how dives taste better as years go by? Seriously, diving in the sea, preferably, has a sweeter taste for me now than it did just a few years ago.
Well, not being able to go for a swim, light and airy clothes is what it´s all about. Though I enjoy and repeat to exhaustion good basic patterns, I also like to have some twists in my wardrobe, and Charlotte from KZJO Studio fulfills that. I have just finished testing it and you can see some of the other testers fresh versions here.

Those straps are cleverly constructed from the bias facing applied to the front neckline and that back yoke is just calling you to play with it and create your own shape. Shorten the tunic for a blousier look or lenghten it for a boho maxi dress with some lace in the straps or the yoke. Fabric is from my local shop Feira dos Tecidos and Zara used it in an overall. I can tell you that it´s been 6 months since I bought a piece of clothing for myself (ha, looks like an AA recovery line) and even somethings I like are just not worth the money. Not shoes, shoes are always a good buy. Plus, the feeling of making your own clothes is way more rewarding than some quick shop.
And yes, good question, I´m not wearing a bra (but it´s wearable with a strapless one), my boobs migrated far south but I don´t give a shit I just don´t give a shit, really. Ahhh, Summer. <3

4 comentários

  1. Great job, Andreia! Love your fabric choice, as always - looks perfect for the summer!!

  2. Love it! As soon as I saw it, immediately thought that would make a great dress. I haven't bought new fabric for a while too and I'm starting to itch.

  3. HAHAHAHAH Andrei a serio... os teus posts sao maravilhosos! Can't stop laughing!