Safari Raglan on Stripes


Last few weeks has been all about pattern testing and I´ve grown a deep and sincere respect for all pattern designers out there, but some in particular caught my heart as well. Having a math teaching degree, and a former incursion in landscape architecture, it really came as no surprise that I would soon want to learn more about pattern drafting, and obviously you set your standards according to what you know and the patterns you use.
I had tried Laura´s Titchy Threads patterns before with the free version of Small Fry Skinny jeans and I was immediately blown away. I like to see professionalism, attention to details and good construction methods and Laura doesn´t miss a thing.
The Safari Raglan is a dress/tshirt (suitable for boys too) with raglan short or long sleeves, for which you can add the cutest puppet cuffs, what a super twist for our little ones!
Looks basic? Well, it is, but you must imagine the possibilities. First of all, fit. You don´t perfect fit with an over designed pattern, you perfect it with basic blocks like these, which make blending, shortening or lengthening a child´s play. It quickly becomes a TNT you can make blindfolded (it´s a methaphore, ok? Keep the blinds for Mr. Grey, not while sewing). Second, print matching. It´s easier to practise on a pattern with few seams, especially stripes. Third, creativity. Either by fabric choice and doing some colour blocking with the sleeves and pockets or by adding to the original pattern. That´s the beauty of TNT´s: it´s there just daring you to push a little further. I can see this with a beautiful peter pan collar, inseam pockets, or the Rowan Tee hood as it fits this neckline as well.

Now let´s talk about those stripes. Well, let´s just say that I´m avoiding stripey fabric for a while.
Stripe matching madness began at the cutting table (aka the floor) and I had to manipulate both pattern pieces and fabric to get it to match at all seams. The sleeves were cut not exactly at the greatest stretch length but with a little angle to make them match both front and back, but not enough to distort the stripe design.
When sewing, fabric was also manipulated a bit to match almost exactly. For side seams I made them match at the bottom first, and then sew upwards, which is a technique I usually do to avoid that little front/back longer/shorter decalage at the hem you can usually get by irregular feeding. Because of the raglan design, perfect spotless stripe matching is not geometrically possible, but I´m pretty happy with the end result. It is also related to the stripes distance between themselves and their width, as larger stripes are almost impossible to match and thinner ones with even space between them provide better results in the raglan. Also, because of the A line and the slightly curved hem it looks distorted but there is no way to get around it.

This was made right after Stylo 04 came out, so my head was bursting with colour vibes, inspiration and a calling to get out of my comfort box and choose a fabric I normally wouldn´t. The dress itself has a simple A line design, so it demanded a fabric to enhance its simple features.
I´m not fond of black for children, but with all the other colours I couldn´t resist. I remember I had a black tshirt as a child which I loved and it was always a special treat when I wore it, I felt so grown up. Fabric is from my local shop and I bought it having in mind a Petit Marcel inspired dress, which I think turned out as I pictured it. It has been worn, washed over and over and worn again and everyone compliments it (even not knowing I made it). It´s perfect for everyday wear, my daughter puts it on and out easily through the head, and I´m planning a few more for Summer and Winter with the long sleeve.
Sometimes simple goes a long way and this, my sewing friends, is another Titchy Threads pattern for life.
On a personal note, I must thank Laura again for the opportunity of testing and for using my pictures in the listing and on the pattern cover. I´m so grateful <3
And to celebrate the release, Laura´s is giving a sale of 25% on ALL her patterns using code SUMMER25! Crazy good, right? Ha, feel free to do a happy dance! <3

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  1. It's perfect! <3 Although I am not a huge fan of black clothes on kids this one is a huge hit on my book - those colored stripes really do it! And you already know I am going to copy this exact dress, with the same knit and all. :) You rock my friend!!

  2. Super cute! I passed this knit many times but never bought it because there was to much pink for my boys, but now I so regret it! The stripe matching looks amazing, perfect! Well done!

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  4. Ooops, don't know what happened there. This is what I said: Your dress is perfect! You are a matching (stripes and otherwise) maestro. And that final picture! I am cracking up over her expression. She is hilarious!

  5. Great job with those stripes matching... Laura's patterns are the best! She is too cute! :)
    Kiss Rita

  6. You know I love this Andreia. Your stripe matching is perfect and it looks adorable on your daughter. Thanks for all your help with testing.

  7. este vestido está qualquer coisa Andreia! Super!